Course Director:            Prof Roger Rebeiz

Lecturers:                      Dr Hareth Abdel-Sater

                                    Dr Edward Rizk

Duration:                       12 weeks 

Timing:                          Half-day per week

                                    48 hours of lessons & workshops


Module 1: Root canal Cleaning and shaping with rotary instruments

•           Access cavities and locating root canal orifices 

•           Hand and rotary pathfinding of root canals 

•           Electronic apex locators and working length

•           Endodontic motors for continuous and reciprocating rotations

•           Root canal shaping with rotary nickel titanium files

•           Irrigation and operative procedures for root canal cleaning

•           Managing errors of root canal instrumentation

•           Rubber dam in endodontics


Module 2: Root canal obturation

•           Single cone and monoblock techniques

•           Warm Compaction of gutt apercha 


Module 3: Treatment of painful and infected teeth

•           Managing of endodontic emergencies

•           Treatment of infected root canals and periapical lesions

•           Diagnosis and treatment of endo-perio lesions

•           Diagnosis and treatment of root resorptions

•           Managing cracked and fractured teeth


Module 4: Advanced treatment in endodontics

•           MTA, Biodentine and Bioceramic root canal repair materials

•           Treatment of roots perforations

•           Treatment of permanent immature teeth with open apices

•           Bleaching endodontically treated teeth.

•           Restoration of endodontically treated teeth.


Module 5: Root Canal Retreatment 

•           Removal of metallic and fiber posts

•           Desobturation of root canal materials

•           Bypass and removal of broken Instruments

•           Managing ledge, block and calcification