Course Director: Dr Fatmé El Baba

Lecturers: Dr Hala Kaddouh & Dr Dora Chaaban

Duration: 2 consecutive days / 14 hours of lessons & workshops

Tuition: $450

Part of the overall course of “Esthetics in fixed prosthodontics”

  • Smile design:
    • Artistic and scientific in smile design: face, lips, teeth and periodontium
    • Dental aspect of a smile: proportions of the teeth, symmetry, perspective and illusion
    • Treatment plan in esthetic dentistry
  • Veneers:
    • Indications and principles of bonded porcelain restorations on front teeth
    • Wax-up and mock up techniques
    • Technique and instrumentation of preparation
    • Techniques to elaborate the provisional restorations to reestablish the esthetics
    • Instructions to improve the quality of the impression technique
    • Clinical trial: functions, esthetics, morphology and color
    • The different bonding available in the market “Which cement is the best?”
    • Technique of bonding of the veneers
  • Workshop:
    • Observations and applications of preparation, provisional, impression, and bonding of veneer