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Dental College is a continuing dental education and training center founded in 2003 by Dr. Roger Rebeiz and authorized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Since its inception, the Dental College has offered interdisciplinary trainings in the sole purpose of responding to the needs and the expectations of dental practitioners through a wide range of tailor-made programs that are scientifically and clinically relevant and allow dental professionals to review, enhance and expand their knowledge. Dental College provides the participants with a cutting-edge continuing education in three languages (Arabic, English and French) throughout the year.


Dental College's mission is to respond to the learning and training needs of dental practitioners in Lebanon and the region.


Dental College aims to empower dental practitioners by offering them diverse learning opportunities in order to improve the quality of service by building on their strengths and collaborating with instructors who are a reference in their fields.


  • Vocation: Dental College will always put its vocation of transmitting knowledge and spreading continuing education in the front line
  • Quality: Dental College will strive to offer experience in the quality of all its courses and programs.
  • Innovation: Dental College will continue to bring you the latest updates in dental knowledge and technology.
  • Partnerships: Dental College will make sure to always partner with major practitioners and players in the dental industry in order to build a stronger network and environment.
  • Collaboration: Dental College will always be a hive of cooperation, service, teamwork and relationships.


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